Are you having a hard time to cover up those wrinkles on your face every day to go out for
a meeting with clients or even just with your friends? Having wrinkles on your face do have
its meaning regarding your health, it is true that it reveal facts about your body that even
yourself cannot notice in just one blink of an eye.

Here are some few points, what does your wrinkle say about your health.

1. Wrinkles on Forehead

These are commonly known as the “worry lines,” meaning to say having two or more lines
on your forehead you are too much stress on your situations may it be at work, at home. If
you have this type of wrinkles, it is a sign that you need to take a break and make time for
yourself to unwind and pamper your body and soul.

2. Wrinkles on Right Eyebrow Lines

Slanted wrinkles that can be found on the right eyebrow lines simply indicate that you have
weaker internal organs than it was before when you were still young. On this stage, you
need to take precautions and consume whole grains, sweet fruits, and more green
vegetables rather than meat, as well as to discipline yourself not to eat too many spicy and
salty foods and get rid of drinking coffee.

3. Crows’ Feet

If you haven’t heard the crow’s feet before, these are the facial lines from the sides of your
eyes, and some people may get have these facial lines for laughing out loud always. Others
could be an early sign that you are constantly spending too much time watching T.V. or
staying in front of the computer screen for long hours.

Having these facial lines from the sides of your eyes can also indicate whether you have
weak kidney, liver or even stomach, to prevent any health issues you are suggested to have
regular exercise and strict healthy diet.

Do not ignore your wrinkles on your face, as it can help you to save more and enjoy
youthful skin.

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