Tana Richter

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Tana Richter

Physician Assistant


BSN, MPAS, PA-C is a board-certified Physician Assistant. Anti-aging functional integrative medicine, and hormones and aesthetics are her specialty. She has been prescribing Bio-Identical Hormones since 1999. She is a nationally board-certified physician assistant (PA-C) and holds a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies with a specialty in Endocrinology. Tana has been a member of the Academy of Anti-aging and became board certified in Anti-aging medicine as a health practitioner diplomate. Tana was a registered Plastic Surgery Nurse before going on to PA school, and has been working with cosmetic surgeons since 1996. She provides injectables to include: botox, restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, sclerotherapy and more. She also has an interest and is pursuing training on plasma rich platelet facial rejuvenation. She has used numerous lasers throughout the years and designs tailormade treatment plans to unveil your best skin possible. She has been to advanced botox training with one of the leading experts in the field. In regards to hormones, she trained with and worked closely with one of the leading endocrinology experts in the field for over 4 years, and has worked for 2 of the doctors who were featured in Suzanne Somers book “The Sexy Years”. She specializes in providing life enhancing, life extending medical care to both men and women. Here are some bullets about how she practices:

  • She has a holistic medical approach to hormonal and metabolic balance.
  • Practices functional integrative medicine by always trying to find the why of an ailment or disease state.
  • Her goal is to promote long term health through health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Prescribes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for menopause, menstrual irregularities, PMS, and andropause.
  • Extensive labs are ordered to include adrenal testing, hormone testing, metabolic, nutrient deficiency, genova diagnostic food sensitivity, genetic DNA testing, depending on individual needs.
  • Tana prescribes a tailor made program and bio-identical hormones

customized to your body to help supply the proper hormone connections needed for your body to have a healthy metabolism, improved energy and restorative sleep to ensure increased vitality!