Stretch Marks Removal Therapy

Stretch Marks Removal

When it comes to issues concerning the skin, most of us tend to focus on what’s happening on our face rather than what’s happening on other parts of our body. There is an exception to this though, and that exception is stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be pretty difficult to ignore and can cause much stress and frustration. Fortunately, the Setiba Aesthetics Group offers treatment options to treat stretch marks, and even prevent them from coming back in the future.

It can also be used to even out skin marred by a battle with chickenpox or acne in the past, to smoothen them out and make skin look more even.

Stretch marks are seen as striae or linear marks on the skin which take on a reddish color at first, then gradually fade to gray or even silvery white. These marks can usually be found around the breasts, on the arms, on the hips and thighs, around the abdomen area, and even on the back. This is often caused by skin stretching (like during weight gain or muscle building) or even through hormonal changes like pregnancy and puberty. Skin stretching and hormonal changes in the body may damage or “tear” the skin’s elastic fibers which cause the linear marks.

The bad thing about stretch marks is that they can be very hard to conceal, but the good thing is that they can treated!

Before and After Procedure

Treatment Options to Get Stretch Marks Removal

1. YAG Laser Treatment

2. CO2 Laser Treatment

3. Microneedling

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