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Hair loss is an issue which both men and women would dread to have. For men, hair loss naturally comes with age, or due to genetics. For women, on the other hand, hair loss can be caused by hormonal changes or serious chemical damage.

Fortunately, there are different hair restoration treatments that one can get today. One of the most effective of these, though, is the PRP Hair Restoration treatment – a treatment that we at The Setiba group, offers!

But what is PRP?

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is processed human blood to create an above than normal density of platelets. Platelets are the component which are responsible for the clotting in our blood, however, they are also responsible for healing the muscles.

Hence, it is no surprise that this latest ground-breaking technology is making waves in the treatment scene, with different celebrities and athletes getting procedures done with PRP not only for hair loss but also for other health issues (like muscle pain and arthritis).


PRP Hair Restoration, how does it work?

PRP Hair Restoration involves taking the patient’s blood and processing it so that the plasma is separated from the blood. The blood concentrate is then reinjected into the patient’s scalp in order to stimulate hair growth.

What are the pros and cons of PRP Hair Restoration?

As with all treatments, PRP Hair Restoration has its own fair share of pros and cons. Let us start with the benefits. Because of the nature of the treatment involving the patient’s own blood, PRP Hair Restoration is safe and proven effective to different skin and scalp types. It also stimulates the body’s natural healing process which reduces negative side effects. Hence, it is not a big surprise that the only cons we have found in this treatment is a slight discomfort after the procedure. Patients describe it as having a feeling of “tightness” in the target area where the concentrate had been injected.

Is PRP Hair Restoration right for me?

As what we have mentioned, PRP involves the use of the patient’s own blood and the body’s inate ability to heal itself. However, due to this very same nature, this treatment is not good for those who have blood ailments

How do I know if PRP Hair Restoration is a good option for me?

Each of our treatments involve a preliminary consultation. You can book for an appointment for a free consultation right here on our website, or you may choose to walk in to our clinic during our office hours. A board-certified

PRP Hair Restoration is not our only PRP treatment or hair-related procedure. Feel free to explore our menu of different treatments and procedures you can avail.

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