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Mole Removal


What is a Mole?

A mole can either be a dark or light colored, non-tumorous, non-cancerous growth of the skin. It can be hereditary (as with moles that we are typically born with), result of aging, or sometimes it may even be caused by skin infections. Some moles are raised, some are flat. But because of the color and the size, some moles may cause frustration due to what the mole can cause in the physical appearance of the person.

Nobody deserves to feel this way just because of a mole. After all, it can be removed.

There are special cases though, when the mole is frequently itchy, when it bleeds even without trauma, or when you feel pain in the said skin area. These types of moles must be seen by one of our board-certified dermatologists in order for the mole to be further examined and treated if needed.

Can I get my Mole removed?

As what we have already mentioned above, you might be born with your mole already attached to your body, you might have grown up with it, but it doesn’t make it permanent. Yes, a mole can be removed. First of all, a thorough consultation with one of our expert dermatologists or surgeons, will be required. Our certified experts here at the Setiba Aesthetics Group are recognized in the field of diagnosis and mole treatments, among other aesthetic skin services that we are offering. In this way, you can be sure to receive the best treatment for your specific needs. This is also when we take the opportunity to connect with our patients and answer any of their concern or questions.

The Setiba Aesthetics Group is proud of our world-class facility and technology, our specialized cosmetic skin lasers included. This is another reason why we require a consultation beforehand. We have an array of different lasers to fit specific needs – something that our skin expert would have to determine before the procedure. Our doctor needs to know the exact laser you need for the best results.

How will the Procedure be done?

After the selection of the appropriate laser fit for your needs, the treatment sessions will begin. Depending on the size and depth of the mole, it can take one or more sessions to get it completely removed, or how much of its removal is possible. Our experts ensure that each treatment is tailor-made for all our patients, ensuring the lowest possible risk of leaving a blemish, mark, or scar after the procedure.

Most of the time, the treatment can be done right after the initial consultation. Post-operative care instructions will also be provided that same day along with the schedule of a follow-up consultation to check on the patient’s recovery.

How will I schedule a Consultation?

You may book for a scheduled consultation through our website. We are currently offering a free initial consultation. You may also opt to walk-in instead and visit our clinic during our office hours, though it is important to note that Sundays are by appointment only.

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