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Eyebrows are a very important part of our face. It helps protect our eyes and keep our vision clear. Aside from that it also allow us to express different emotions like when we are happy or sad or surprised. Aesthetically speaking, our eyebrows also frame our face, and lead the sight of the beholder to our expressive eyes.

However, not everyone is born blessed with a beautiful set of eye brows. This is the reason why a lot of beauty products have long been developed in order to improve its shape, color, and even fill in the missing gaps.

If you ever find yourself in a position that these beauty products are not enough though, or if you are tired going through the same routine of plucking, shaping, and/or drawing your eyebrows every single day in order for it to reach that perfect look, then our microblading services might be the answer for you.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is an aesthetic procedure that involves the application of a type of cosmetic tattoo. Tattoo is a way of putting pigments into the layer of our skin so that it lasts practically the rest of our lives. But unlike the regular tattoo, microblading is done using a smaller handheld tool and its pigments are injected not as deep.

Also, in relation with that, microblading is also different from cosmetic tattooed eyebrows. It has a natural appearance as opposed to scary eyebrow tattoos. Microblading involves super fine strokes that copy the natural growth of your eyebrows that it is dubbed as brow embroidery or 3D eyebrows.

Is Microblading Painful?

As what we have mentioned above, the pigments used in microblading do not require to be injected as deep as a regular tattoo. Hence, it is also not as painful compared to regular tattoo.

Is Microblading Permanent?

No, microblading is not permanent. It is only semi-permanent and may last for up to two years. Another major advantage is that once it does fade away it will not leave any unnatural residue or markings as compared to cosmetic brow tattoos. If you really want to keep it permanent though, then retouch sessions should be performed as needed in order to maintain that beautiful and perfectly natural-looking eyebrow hair strokes.

Why should I get Microblading done at Setiba?

There are a lot of clinics and spas out there that offer microblading treatments, but what sets the Setiba Group apart is the fact that we are a group of board-certified doctors and aesthetic specialists. It is crucial for microblading to be done in a proper way in order to get that natural-looking outcome. The exact depth of the injection of pigments into the skin should be precise as well. If it’s done too deep, the final results are not that fine. And when it’s not done deep enough, the results will not last that long. But with the Setiba Group, you won’t have to worry about that anymore since we make sure to only deliver the best outcome every single time.

How do I book an appointment for my Microblading?

We are currently offering free consultation. This will allow you to book for an appointment at no cost to you. Feel free to sign-up through our website. See you then!

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