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IV Therapy


IV Therapy - Setiba Aesthetics Group Beauty And Med Spa In Westlake Village

IV Therapy

IV or also known as Intravenous Therapy is the newest method to feed both of your body and skin the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals it badly needed. In this way it helps several people to correct those intracellular nutrient deficiencies to your body. People who suffer from stress, anxiety, leaky gut syndrome, gastritis, bacterial or fungal overgrowth are the common clients at our skin care clinic in United States of America.

  • It boosts your energy levels more than you need.
  • Re-hydrate and restore your youthful and glowing skin.
  • Strengthen your immune system to prevent flu.
  • Aching Muscles.
  • Migraine and Colds.
  • It provides natural pain relief.
  • It removes any stress lying in your body system.


Breaks down fats, carbohydrates and too much protein that you get from everyday food that you eat, stabilizing your blood sugar.


Essential vitamin that your body requires you to obtain for maintaining a good and healthy nervous system and metabolism.


To carefully balance your body with enough potassium and magnesium, this vitamin helps you to kiss away illness such as fatigue, nausea and severe headache. What’s more unique about this vitamin is that, it protects you to have cancers to breast, prostate, colon and lungs


This is also necessary for skin whitening purpose as well as to reduce the chances of formation of melanin and prevents skin dehydration