IPL Laser Treatment

IPL Laser Treatment

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment is a procedure that involves a super bright flashing beam of energy applied to the area of skin that needs treatment. It targets pigmented and vascular regions of the skin and break out hyper-pigmentation. This removes any skin discoloration like dark spots and freckles, melasma, moles, birthmarks, broken capillaries and more to help the patient get that smooth clear skin.

IPL Laser Treatments differ depending on the needs of the patient, or the areas to be treated. The IPL Laser Treatment can be a spot corrector to treat specific spots like acne scars or dark areas. The Intense Pulsed Light technology may also be used to correct signs of aging when there are vessels involved, such as the hands or neck area. Basically, IPL Laser Treatments can be used on any skin area that requires attention.

✔️ Safe
✔️ Minimal Downtime and Side Effects
✔️ Results in Two Weeks

The Experience

Before and After Procedure

The number of IPL Laser Treatments needed vary from patient to patient. On average, three treatment sessions may already be enough to get the best results, but depending on severity, some patients may need up to six sessions in order to get that clear skin result.

Which is why a  thorough consultation is required before any treatment is done. A board-certified skin expert will determine the number of sessions you need to get the best possible outcome.

After the treatment, the area may turn a bit darker in color and may turn into a scabbing. This is absolutely normal. Once the scabbing flakes off, your new and clear skin will be revealed underneath.

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