Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

One of our specialists at Setiba Aesthetics Group will perform all the patient’s physical exams for those who wish to begin Bio Identical Hormone Therapies such as testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, pregnenelone, thyroid, progesterone or human growth hormone. At first, you will complete a comprehensive blood panel to assess your current hormone levels and you will complete a lifestyle assessment and medical history intake. Thereafter, you will need an initial consultation & physical exam with one of our specialists, and during the same appointment, we will review your test results and create your personalized treatment plan with your recommended hormones, nutrients, dietary and lifestyle therapies. We will answer any questions and continue to be a touchstone for fine tuning your program in order to achieve your best health and quality of life. Balancing your hormones slows down the process of aging and ultimately can help prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

We offer two options for the Bio Identical Hormone Program:
  1. Single Consultations ala carte pricing per service provided.
  2. Annual Bio Identical Hormone Program: an annual fee that includes your Initial consultation and all follow up consultations with added services. Nutrient IV Therapies & Vitamin Injections are included in the annual fee.
Bio Identical Hormone Program Annual Fee

This annual fee includes the following:

  • Initial Consultation & Physical Exam – up to 2 hours for initial visit.
  • 1-60 mins. follow-up session with one of our specialists.
  • 1-60 mins follow-up session with one of our specialists.
  • 4 Nutrient IV’s sessions (to be used within the year).
  • 4 Vitamin Injections (to be used within the year).


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