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Say, “I DO”


There was never a “it’s too early to get started” with regards to your wedding preparations.  Setiba Aesthetics Group believes that brides deserves be the most beautiful on her very special day. Here we give you a list of best treatments for the brides to be.

Stunning Bride

Turn people’s head with that stunningly beautiful skin when you walk down the aisle!  Seven days before your big day, be sure to make an appointment for your Body Scrub to have child smooth and delicate skin on your wedding day;  also, Wet and Dry Dermabrasion to even out skin tone and bring more radiance everywhere throughout the body. Ultimately, total that solid wedding gleam with Setiba Aesthetics Group’s Hydrafacial with cleaning no less than three days before walking down the aisle. The facial treatment sheds dead skin cells and immerse the underlying skin with effective serums for absolute hydration and antioxidant protection.

Bare it All

Be comfortable with your own skin and say goodbye to unwanted hair growth without the pain or discomfort of waxing and shaving.  Get smooth and baby-like skin before your wedding day with Setiba Aesthetics Group’s Laser Hair Removal (no less than 8 sessions is prescribed).  This helps remove chicken skin and reduces pigmentation.


Boost your Vitaliy

Boost your Vitality  three days before your wedding day.  Setiba Aesthetics Group’s Aces Vitamin Drip is infused with cocktails of vitamins, minerals and amino acids straight into the bloodstream to replenish energy supply and enhance your protection against stress and sickness.  So you’ll be ready on your honey moon!