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Nothing is more rewarding than getting through a really hectic week and ending it with a weekend at the spa and getting a really relaxing massage. Just the thought of getting all those tense muscles relieved is already calming in its own way.

The Art Of Massage

The art of massage goes back in time, as it is one of oldest healing arts to have ever existed. In fact references about massage go back to the earliest records of history. Here at the Setiba Group, we pride ourselves in providing the best benefits of massage to our clients. These include:

 Releasing of tension throughout the body, physically and emotionally. Getting a massage is so relaxing that even your emotional troubles would benefit from it.

 Release from chronic back pain. There are different things that might cause chronic back pain that simply never goes away, but massage will not only help relieve you of the pain, it might just even heal it altogether, depending on the cause of your back pain of course.

 Improve sleep. Having trouble sleeping? Massage works better than a pill, minus the intake of medication.

 Increased energy. The body has an internal pool of energy, and as we go by about our daily lives, things happen like stress and unhealthy habits, that disrupt the flow of energy within our body. Massage eases the disruptions and allows the energy to flow freely again, giving you a surge ofenergy which you probably have not felt for a long time.

 Improved flexibility. Massage eases the tension in our strained muscles. It also helps stretching the body, causing improved flexibility than before.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of massage that you can enjoy thanks to the Setiba Group’s massage specialists.

Different Kinds of Massage

There are different kinds of massage to suit your taste and preferences.

Thai Massage

A specialized massage that focuses on rocking rhythmic motions and
acupressure done in order to revitalize the body.

Swedish Massage

Probably the most popular massage option. This is done through long
soothing strokes designed to relax the muscles in our body, relieve unwanted tension, improve blood flow, and even stimulate the lymphatic system.

Specialized Massage

Aside from the two we have other more specialized massage procedures that would answer to the specific needs of our patients and clients.

Why Should You Get A Massage From The Setiba Group?

A visit to the Setiba Group is a relaxing and luxurious treat. You may already enjoy one of our numerous spa services and amenities as you or a companion enjoy one of our available services and treatments. Not only that, we are proud of our state-of-the art facility, high quality equipment, and up-to-date therapeutic materials.

Enjoy a massage right now from one of our qualified and duly certified massage therapists and specialists.

How Do I Book For An Appointment?

Feel free to book for an appointment through our website. You may also opt to be a walk-in client if you wish to personally visit our clinic instead during our office hours.