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Men – Popular Services

Services That Men Can Get From Setiba

Why should women get all the pampering? Here at the Setiba Group, we believe that everyone deserves love and care every once in a while, even men! We offer a variety of different services and treatments that any gentleman could enjoy.


…Or shall we say, “Brotox”? Botox has been one of the most popular skin treatments in the market for almost two decades now, and this it is also one of the most effective (not to mention, the safest) skincare treatments. In fact, its reputation goes all around the world, making people happy, satisfied, and wrinkle-free all across the globe.

Our botox treatment works very well to turn back time, relax those muscles and clear those fine lines. Say goodbye to wrinkles almost immediately with just a shot of botox. It will be injected to target areas, such as your cheek lines and neck bands.

Botox can also help remedy other issues such as muscle sweating and heavy sweating. It takes three to five days for the treatment to take complete effect. The effects of a botox treatment is not permanent, but it will last for three months or more.

Laser Hair Removal

Having trouble dealing with unwanted hair in hard to reach areas, such as your back? How about chest hair? While there are ladies who get certainly turned on with the whole werewolf thing, most women don’t. Plus, it’s not that comfortable. Say goodbye to unwanted hair issues with the Setiba Group’s laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment involves the use of a special laser that converts light into heat energy after it reaches a specific layer of the skin – the place where hair follicles grow. This heat would then burn the
hair follicles to inhibit hair growth. Results are so effective, that after a number of treatments, your hair won’t grow back anymore giving you a permanent solution to your hair issue.

It doesn’t take too long to recover from a laser hair removal treatment session. In fact, you can go back to your normal activities almost immediately after. There will be redness on the treated area, though,
which can last for a day. And one should wear sun protection, or better yet, avoid the sun entirely for a couple of weeks to protect the treated area.

Laser Tattoo Removal - Setiba Aesthetics Group Beauty And Med Spa In Westlake Village

Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted hair is not the only problem we can take off your hands. We have the most advanced lasers to remove your unwanted tattoos too. Say goodbye to the regrets of the past, whether that be a tattoo
you had with your past flame, a sign that reminds you of a hurtful memory, or just something that you want to permanently erase from your body.

Our laser tattoo removal treatment works best in fading tattoos per session. The number of session and the effects will depend upon the number of things, such as the age of your tattoo and the ink that was
used. But don’t worry, we will conduct an initial consultation in order to learn about all the details of your tattoo and address any of your concerns.


As we age, our muscles tend to get smaller too. Because of this, our skin gets gaps, wrinkles, and sagging. But you can turn back time and get your handsome jawline back with our dermal fillers. We at The Setiba Group carry different types of dermal fillers to address different cosmetic needs. They can fill gaps and even refine the appearance of your facial features.

Recovery for getting a dermal filler is not long. In fact, you can go back to your daily routine immediately after treatment, as long as it doesn’t require too much physical exertion. You just need to stay away from intense physical activities for the next two days after treatment.

Go ahead, pamper yourself bro!

Aside from the services and treatments that we have listed down here, we still have a lot of other
treatments good for gents, such as yourself.


How can I get a treatment done?

We value communication and our patient relationship. This is the reason why we strongly advise of a thorough consultation before each treatment. But don’t worry, our initial consultation is completely free. All you need to do is visit our clinic as a walk-in during our office hours. You can also choose to book for an appointment, right here on our website. Our clinic is open every day, but Sundays are for
appointments only.

A doctor or aesthetic specialist will talk to you about all the details of the treatment, and will be more than happy to answer any question you might have. Feel free to ask us about anything! We also provide our patients with a specific treatment plan tailor-made for his needs.

We understand that every patient has specific needs and goals. Each patient also has a different recovery time and reaction to different treatments and services. Hence, it is best to allow us to get to meet you first before starting with our treatment program.


Why should I trust The Setiba Group?

The Setiba Group is a group of board-certified doctors, nurses, and aesthetic specialists, backed by years of experience in the world of skin care. Our clinic also takes pride in providing quality treatment using
the latest equipment and facilities, for everyone, both men and women alike!