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Loved by Men


Today, men looking for a competitive edge in the workplace, know that looking their best is vitally important.

You’ll immediately feel at home with us, even if you’ve never stepped inside any of our  Setiba Aesthetics Group‘s clinics before.  Our male patients have come to appreciate our treatments to look and feel better, and our remedies have become hugely popular. Here are the top treatments that men love to make them look and feel their best:

  1. Look instantly better with our Powerpeel + Cleaning combo
  2. Be warts free with Carbon Dioxide Laser
  3. Boost your energy and immune system using the combination of Multivitamin Infusion and IV Glutathione
  4. Fight pimples, pigment and pores with Picosure or Revlite
  5. Our Brotox (Botox for Men) is a certified hot-seller treatment for guys that freezes time and makes you look years younger
  6. Treat stubborn fat in just 25 minutes with our newest SculpSure
  7. Eliminate love handles and shrink that beer belly with our Laser Lipo
  8. Remove those unwanted hairs and achieve smooth skin with our Laser Hair Removal Treatment
  9.  Feeling tired, crabby, and flabby? Get Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to make you look and feel years younger.