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Ageless Beauty

Brush off the years and look effortlessly beautiful

You must admit that hearing compliments such as “You don’t seem to age in any way!” is music to the ears.  Maintain the praises going with our wide variety of procedures and treatments to beat against the signs of aging.  Here we list down our hot-sellers certain to make you look younger than ever.


  1. Instalift

Instalift is the newest gold standard for nonsurgical face lifting.  This treatment effectively tightens lifts and contours sagging jawline using high-focused ultrasound and cryogenic technology.  It is very comfortable with heat to no feeling and patients experience very minor reddening that only a couple of minutes to zero downtime.  This procedure takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, and is recommended to be performed for 3 sessions, and once a month for another 3 sessions .Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pigmentation that is hyper are merely a few.

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  1. Laser Blepharoplasty

Drooping eyelids and puffy occur as we age.   Laser Blepharoplasty (aka eyelid or eyebag surgery) is a top surgical choice to address this common aging concern.  It removes muscles and excess skin which cause bags under eyes and droopy eyelids to show a more youthful look.

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  1. Thermilift

Thermilift revitalizes the skin to reduce any symptoms of aging with injectable RF, unlike other machines that only treat the top layer of the skin and cannot penetrate the deeper layers.  It is the very first and only machine that enters the skin through a thin probe, targeting the wrinkles on the skin, melting the fat on the jowls, as well as addressing the muscle which becomes saggy through time inducing a double chin.

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  1. Picosure

Erase additional years to your perceived age with Picosure.  It is the first and only picosecond laser in the world and is the biggest breakthrough in laser technology this decade.  Some consider this as a lunchbreak treatment because patients experience redness in just 1 to 3 hours and they can return to their normal routine.

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  1. Timeless Beauty

Some old time favorites of our patients also include Thermage, Ulthera and Botox.   Thermage is a RF process that will help smoothen wrinkles out and define facial contours.  This minimally invasive procedure is ideal because it is quick and easy, and requires no downtime so you can get back to your schedule very quickly.   Ulthera is also another quick 30-minute non-invasive treatment which uses ultrasound to stimulate the development of new collagen over time to allow the region to tighten and lift.   This quick procedure improves the appearance of frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet, leaving skin smooth and unwrinkled.

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