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Three Things You Must Absolutely Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions
May 04

Three Things You Must Absolutely Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming extremely popular, and do you know why? That’s because there are lot of women who dream of having natural-looking, thick, doll-like lashes. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t? But don’t take eyelash extensions as a girly thing. Men can get it too. If you’re worried that it might look doll-like too, then let us put your mind at ease. Eyelash extensions come in different lengths and curves, so you can actually get to choose the look you’ll end up having accordingly.


To those who are thinking of getting eyelash extensions, though, then here are three absolutely important things you will need to know before going to your eyelash salon.


You cannot skimp on eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are very in-demand right now, hence it is understandable why there are a lot of different places popping out like mushrooms offering this service on very low prices. But please, do not skimp on this procedure. We are talking about your eyes, and there are a lot of safety protocol that goes into it—safety protocol which can get “overlooked” when they are offering an unbelievably low-priced deal.


We are not saying that you need to go to the most expensive place, though. Just be wary of shady deals, and when in doubt of the place, then just don’t push through. Feel free to research about the place as well by checking out client testimonials online.


You can also add coupons and promos to your research too as there are a lot of high-end places which offer special discounts and promos that drastically lower their prices. It won’t be difficult looking for good places. They are everywhere. You can even get eyelash extensions in Westlake Village, California. Score!



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Know the lashes you want beforehand.

Have a specific look of eyelashes in mind? Then research it first. As what we have mentioned above, eyelash extensions come in different forms and sizes, starting at the type of material used for your lashes. There are three:  synthetic, silk, and mink. Each type also has its own pros and cons. Synthetic lashes, for instance, can interfere with the growth of your natural lashes.


Eyelash extensions come in different lengths, thickness, and curves too. Want mermaid lashes? How about thick pin-upesque style of lashes? Make sure of the look you are going for, and if possible, bring pictures to show to your eyelash artist before going to the eyelash salon so that they can help you out get the exact look you want.


You must practice precautions.

There are no FDA rulings yet when it comes to eyelash extensions, so your extensions don’t really need to be approved by FDA. Another thing to think about as well is the fact that while the glue used on eyelash extensions are “medical-grade”, some people can be allergic to it too. And sometimes, you won’t know that you’re actually allergic to it unless you’ve tried it. To avoid this, you can ask for a patch test done on your wrist beforehand. If you don’t notice any allergic reaction after two to three days, then it means that you’re not allergic to the glue when it is put…on your wrist. That’s right. You can still get an allergic reaction when it’s put on your eyes even if you got an all clear from the patch test.


And sometimes you’re just not allergic at all. Good for you! But, still, an infection can happen. It might not be the fault of your eyelash technician. Nor yours. It can just happen because eyes are like that. They sometimes react in inexplicable ways. When this does happen, then the first thing to do is to NOT attempt to remove your extensions yourself. Resist the urge to scratch and visit your eye doctor immediately.

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