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Skin Treatment


Exfoliate, rejuvenate, dark spot removal and whatever type of skin treatments you need, Setiba Aesthetics Group is here for you.

Applying moisturizers, toners, and other over-the-counter age-defying creams are not enough to maintain vibrant and youthful skin. There is really no substitute for getting a professional skin analysis and treatment performed by the medical experts at Setiba Aesthetics Group with years of experience.

There are some people who have inborn skin problems due to such things as hormone imbalances, and in those cases, it is crucial to consult with our medical experts at Setiba Aesthetics Group to find out which treatments and medicines are best for you.

Having clear, radiant, flawless skin can boost your self-confidence and we would love to help you achieve that. In line with this, here are the extra-ordinary skin treatments we offer:

  • • Acne Scar Removal
  • • Anti-Wrinkle Juvederm
  • • Anti-Wrinkle Restylane
  • • Anti-Wrinkle Voluma
  • • Botox Injection for Excessive Sweating
  • • Botox Wrinkle Treatment
  • • Chemical Peel
  • • Stretchmarks Removal
  • • Laser Hair Removal
  • • Injectable Fillers on the Skin
  • • Laser Skin Tightening
  • • IPL
  • • Vein Removal
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For business and leisure travelers that are mostly out of town and out of the country and do not have time to highly maintain the condition of your skin,  Setiba Aesthetics Group would be glad to accept your advance booking with us. It’s about time to show off your healthier and fairer skin with every foreigners and locals you meet everytime you discover new destinations whilst enjoying different adventures.