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Chiropractic Care



A lot of people only think about getting chiropractic treatment whenever they experience back or neck pain, or when they suffer from bone-related ailments that might benefit from chiropractic treatment. However, this is not the only time when you can receive chiropractic care. This treatment, after all, is known for its holistic nature that promotes the overall wellness of the body.

How Can I Benefit From A Chiropractic Treatment?

As what I have already mentioned, chiropractic treatment is not only limited to treating back and neck pain. People who suffer from ailments like headaches, eye pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and PMS, organ pain, even pain in the extremities like hands, shoulders, knees, and feet can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

People who have undergone injuries and accidents, especially sports-related injuries will also benefit greatly from this procedure.

Why Should I Choose Chiropractic Treatment?

We know that there are other treatments available out there in order to release yourself from pain or injury. However, the chiropractic way is the best way for those who would rather opt for a natural and medication-free approach. Remember, chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach where healing would depend on the equal efforts of the patient as well – in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, and doing regular physical activities and exercise.

How Can I Get A Chiropractic Treatment Done?

An experienced chiropractor will first give a thorough examination and interview regarding your medical history in order to determine if chiropractic treatment really is the right treatment for you, and in order to determine the needed techniques based on your specific needs. Remember, a chiropractor’s first priority is your health so be sure to communicate every health related concern you have during the consultation.

How Is A Chiropractic Treatment Performed?

There are different chiropractic techniques that our experienced chiropractors apply to treat our patients. The most popular method though is the spinal adjustment. The ailment is first evaluated during the consultation and also during the treatment session. After identifying the issue, the spinal adjustment is done next in order to provide flexibility and comfort to the patient’s joints, muscles, and bones.

You may hear popping and cracking sounds all throughout the process. Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal. In fact, it is a good indication that your spine really is being readjusted to the position that the chiropractor wants you to have.

Aside from spinal adjustment, there are other techniques that the chiropractor may perform on your bones, muscles, and joints.

How Do I Get A Treatment Done?

As what we have already mentioned above, the first step towards your chiropractic treatment is the initial consultation. We are proud to announce that we are currently offering a free consultation right now. You can book for an appointment right here on our website. You may also choose to go to our clinic directly as a walk-in patient instead during our office hours. It is important to note though that our Sundays are blocked out for previously booked appointments only. We are looking forward to meet you towards your path to holistic wellness here at the Setiba Group!