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Welcome  to Setiba Aesthetics Group

 Setiba Aesthetics Group is the new safe haven to help you in  keeping your skin nourished and rejuvenated. We are driven to  deliver nothing but the best and safest treatments for our  customer’s satisfaction. Our team is composed of veteran  estheticians,  medical doctors and surgeons who have  exceptional reputations in their fields. We want to ensure that  all of our customers will  only receive luxurious care and  outstanding results.

Setiba Aesthetics Group aims to provide the best solution for  you. We use only cutting-edge technology and assign only the  most qualified and experienced medical staff to assist you  during your treatment with us. Before any treatments done, we  highly encourage clients to get a consultation first, to know  which services are best for your skin.

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  • Having a flawless skin and no excess fats helps you to be more proud of yourself every time you meet and great people your family members, colleagues and friends. Setiba Aesthetics Group is proud to announce to every of our clients that we now offer laser procedures for
    body treatments.

  • There are too many skin problems that people like us are encountering due to the activities that we do, climate changes we experience and the lifestyle that we have. Certainly, it is inevitable and indeed bothering to have pimples, fine lines, acne/acne scars and skin discoloration. Skin problems often lead us to have self doubt and lessen our confidence, whenever we face people, attending events and joining a group.

  • Applying moisturizing lotion, toner, using facial wash and age-defying creams are not enough to maintain vibrant and youthful skin, it is still highly recommended to undergo quality and certified skin treatment best performed by medical experts with years of experience.


I cannot say enough great things about Heather!

She is not only a very caring and warm human being, but also she’s an extraordinarily compassionate registered dietitian.


Heather stays abreast of the latest research on nutrition, diet, supplements and clinical tests, thus offering her patients the very best care available today. She works tirelessly to help figure out the health challenges that most doctors would have no answers for.  Heather has helped me get my diet and supplements on track which in turn helped my cardio vascular risk factors, giving me peace of mind which is invaluable. Her recommendations have most importantly helped me with quicker recovery time after my intense workouts. I also have become more balanced and focused, sleep better at night, perform better, more energetic and feel a sense of peace and serenity in my life.


She has a truly holistic view that takes into account each patients individuality.  Especially if you’ve had any health concerns that your  regular doctor has not been able to adequately address, I encourage you to see or communicate with Heather!  She’s the best.

William J. of Broward County, FL

Hormone Replacement Therapy is amazing! It changed my life. In addition to the HRT I have also benefited from the nutritional guidance and as a result, my energy and drive is like when I was 20 again.  I was so stressed and unfit if it was not for this customized treatment program I would be nowhere near where I am today. The successes from my therapy has transcended across both my personal and professional life. I cannot thank Heather Fitzgerald enough for transforming my mind and body!

Ryan F. Phoenix, AZ

Over the years in the fitness industry I was accustomed to taking all sorts of energy boosters. not to mention drinking a ton of red bull and coffee!  Unfortunately, it caught up with me.  I began experiencing low energy on daily basis, my sleep was unrestful and my mood seemed to get worse preventing me from enjoying daily activities.   I knew I wasn’t depressed but had no answer to why I was experiencing similar symptoms!  Based on multiple doctor visits, everything seemed “normal”, yet I did not feel like myself.  I am grateful because Heather was able to not only pin point my adrenal and thyroid issues that apparently were the root of the problem, she was able to correct them efficiently with proper nutrition and natural supplementation.  Within just a few months I was able to function more vibrantly and with clear mentality!  Thanks

V. M. Los Angeles, CA

I seriously recommend Heather to whomever isn’t feeling their best.  Heather has changed my life, to a life of lethargy, migraines, major sinus and lung issues, to a life of improved health like I’ve NEVER experienced.  My life has opened up!  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and she’ll get right to the source of your issues and she’ll impress you with what she knows.  I can’t thank her enough.

Chelsana C. Los Angeles, CA

Heather is incredible!  I was gaining weight and I couldn’t sleep well anymore and after seeing Heather my life is back on track!  She discovered that my hormones were out of whack and she put me on bio identical hormones and some specific nutrients that I was deficient in and I feel Amazing!  I have lost weight and am sleeping again….I cannot say enough about Heather!  She really knows her stuff….and she made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her!

Donna C. Manhattan Beach, CA

I’m really slimming down, clothes fitting better, being less mental about my body. And realized for the first time in years I’m not obsessed with counting calories and I’m probably eating better than I ever have just to feel better and learning how my body is. So, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, not to be cliché but it has been life changing!

Whitney D. Hermosa Beach, CA

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